• star     "I couldnt give higher praise to your product" - Lisa Castranova
  • star    "I like the fact that my data is secured when I travel" - F. Larson
  • star "Piece of mind that no one can spy on me with Hush Tunnel" - Stacey Miller
  • star     "I can easily get on any website, even censored" - Xui Li

Why you should get a Hush Tunnel

Would you send private mail without an envelope and make calls over a public loudspeaker?

  • feat Maintain privacy.
    Your internet activities are often monitored by ISPs, governments, employers, and sometimes even malicious neighbors. It doesn't matter if the wifi is encrypted, the traffic transmitted beyond your network is not. Hush Tunnel encrypts your activities from your computer through the internet to prevent unwanted snooping.
  • feat Prevent tracking.
    Did you know that your IP address can be used to obtain your geographical location? When you visit websites your IP address is logged and stored for a number of purposes, leaving digital footprints wherever you go. Hush Tunnel anonymizes your internet connection so that your IP address is not visible to the outside world.
  • feat Bypass censorship.
    Some governments (and even a few employers!) have a bad habit of telling citizens what websites they may and may not visit, blocking access to popular services with a nationwide (or corporate) firewall. Hush Tunnel quietly routes around firewalls through an encrypted tunnel so that no one has the ability to block your access.
  • feat Dodge marketing.
    Ever wonder why those pesky marketers won't leave you alone and why those ads keep following you around? Simply run a search on the term "ISPs selling customer data". ISPs make a tidy profit selling clickstreams, searches, and even suggesting candidates for lawsuits. Hush Tunnel prevents them from doing that to you.

How Hush Tunnel works

We believe in your constitutional right to privacy, no matter where you are from.

Using the strongest cryptography available, Hush Tunnel creates an encrypted channel with perfect forward secrecy directly between your device and the Hush network, bypassing any censor firewalls in the process. Your traffic is then anonymized and sent out over the internet. All this happens behind the scenes. Hush Tunnel is fast and easy to use. Just press a button and you are privately tunneled through a secure, anonymized channel where your activity cannot be tracked, logged or spied upon.


Hush Tunnel is better

Real privacy, Superior security.

Most other services that promise encrypted traffic are based on SSL technology that relies on a middle man Certificate Authority (CA) to enable the technology which encrypts and decrypts your traffic. It is well known that they are susceptible to trusted man-in-the-middle attacks, and large entities, such as governments, may decrypt any traffic they choose. What's arguably worse, a recent study found a major vulnerability in the actual encryption technology related to large amounts of traffic, such as the case in web browsing and file sharing. This means that those services are giving you a false sense of privacy.

Hush Tunnel is different. Hush Tunnel uses SSH technology and the Diffie-Hellman key exchange, an anonymous key-agreement protocol, that provides perfect forward secrecy, without a middle man and without vulnerabilities that expose your traffic. Hush Tunnel gives you real privacy you can trust.

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Although Hush Tunnel has a 95% customer retention rate, we make it easy for you to cancel anytime you choose.


What people are saying about Hush Tunnel.

Sometimes I need to connect to my work computer from home. I feel comfortable that Hush tunnel keeps my connection ultra secure and my patient data private.Dr. Rob Ebeed, Dentist
I travel alot on business, and have to access my email from public networks at airports cafes and hotels. I use Hush Tunnel to make sure that no one can see my emails or steal my data.F. Larson, CEO Whiteslate LLC
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So fast  I wasn't even sure it was running.

Lisa Castranova, PR Net

Awesome, feeling
safe online again!

Marc Silverman
I live in a country where they block access to Facebook and Twitter. With Hush Tunnel I can easily get on any website to see what my friends are up to and share current news.Xui Li, student
Its common knowledge that they read our email and watch all browsing activities. Now I can post to the net without worrying that it will be the hot topic at work. Stacey Miller